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How to Add Luxury To Your Wedding Day

The aim of a luxury wedding is to create a memorable event that will live on in the memories of your family and friends. With so many gorgeous locations to select from, it's understandable why luxury weddings are growing in popularity.

Nowadays, there are many luxurious wedding venues available, leaving couples with many options. As well as your venue there are many other aspects to consider if you want to know how to add luxury to your wedding day!

Luxury Wedding Day

8 Ways To Add Luxury To Your Wedding Day

  • Luxury Wedding Venue

  • Champagne Tower

  • A Luxury Perfume

  • Luxury Wedding Attire

  • Luxury Wedding Florals

  • Luxury Wedding Drapes

  • Luxury Wedding Photographer

  • Luxury Wedding Planner

Luxury Wedding Venue

The venue is such a crucial part of your ideal wedding, regardless of your theme. When going for an upscale atmosphere, search for a luxury wedding venue that is extravagant and stands out—opulence and grandeur are essential in this case.

There are many ways to add luxury to your wedding day, and your venue is the first step to achieving this. As well as the whole of the UK offering some outstanding wedding venues, the North-West of the UK has so many luxury wedding venues!

Luxury Wedding Venue

Champagne Tower

The wedding trend of champagne towers at weddings is here to stay, and it’s a great way to add something special you're looking for for your wedding day.

This feature will not only add a touch of elegance to your reception, but it will also provide a memorable focal point for your guests, and provide a fantastic photo opportunity. And who doesn't enjoy a bit of champagne, too?

A Luxury Perfume

Has a scent ever taken you back to a certain time in your life? Adding luxury perfume to your wedding day is a great idea. It is great for the nostalgia, but also people will be complimenting you all day and evening about how nice your perfume smells! Popular choices include Jo Malone, Chanel and Tom Ford.

Luxury Wedding Perfume

Luxury Wedding Attire

High fashion is needed if you want to add luxury to your wedding day. Treat this day as your very own red carpet moment by dressing in couture and on-trend pieces, whether you're wearing a bridal gown, a tuxedo, or something completely unexpected.

Think about an outfit change too, for your evening celebrations! This can be comfortable and luxurious - think glam jumpsuit, or something short and sexy!

Luxury Wedding Florals

There are many ways to add florals to add luxury to your wedding day.

Given that outdoor weddings are a popular wedding trend, many couples are filling their canvases with natural bundles of roses, peonies, and textural florals.

Strong tropical ferns and flowers fall short in comparison to layers of flowers that look more natural, are more whimsical, and are less graphic.

Luxury Wedding Flowers

The Ceremony

Your ceremony is one of the most unforgettable aspects of your wedding day and for you and your guests, it’s the first impression they will get of your wedding day!

Using luxury flowers is a great way to make a big impact here. it’s a time when you can really get creative with your luxury floral design.

For a dash of grandeur, oversized urns overflowing with greenery and gorgeous blooms are guaranteed to set the scene for your ‘I Do’ moment.

The Details

Your stylist will have a tonne of styling ideas for your wedding day, including all of the tiny elements that come together to create that luxury look.

Subtle floral details can help tie in your theme and vibe, from foliage-based backdrops for wedding cakes to your wedding table details.

Luxury Wedding Drapes

Consider a stunning drape if you want to add luxury to your wedding day. When done properly, adding fabric—typically sheer, gauzy materials like chiffon, organza, or voile—will elevate and luxuriate your setting while also making it feel warm and intimate.

Here are some drape ideas!

Add Colour

Adding drapes to your wedding decor is a beautiful way to use gorgeous, thick fabric in a deep colour. Set the mood for your palette by having it frame the room's entrance.

Let The Sun Shine Through!

Drapes can be strung around a wooden frame to simulate a tent for those outdoor weddings.

Cover Poles

Draping along the poles can be used to cover up any unattractive poles and make them look luxurious!

Weave In Florals

To add luxury to your wedding day, an idea is to have a gazebo and decorate it with blooming flowers and lush greenery. This will add a truly opulent feel to outdoor weddings.

Luxury Wedding Photographer

Do not forget your luxury wedding photographer! You have spent months, if not years, dreaming of and creating this perfect day, and you want to remember every detail. You can look back on the memories with your family and friends and be reminded of those incredible moments and emotions.

Choose a photographer who can truly capture the luxury of your day, so make sure their photography style aligns with your vision.

I am a luxury wedding photographer, so if you would like to have a chat about how I can work with you, enquire here!

Luxury Wedding Planner

If you have a vision in your head of how you want your wedding day to look and feel but you aren’t the creative type, or simply do not have the headspace and time to wedding plan full time, then consider hiring a luxury wedding planner who understands and can help you achieve your vision.

Plan Your Luxury Wedding Day

Now you know how to add luxury to your wedding day, it is time to start planning and brainstorming your ideas. Pinterest is a great platform to plan and gather all of your ideas!

Remember to have fun in the process and remember why you are doing this.

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