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How To Create A Unique Wedding Day

Over the years, I have witnessed a great number of weddings and they were all completely unique. No wedding is ever the same!

But what actually makes a wedding memorable and unique?

Remember that while you two as a couple and your guests could have various ideas about what makes your wedding special, it's crucial to maintain focus on your vision and the goals you have for this momentous day.

Wedding planning is a lot easier when you know what you want, so to help you out, here are some ideas on how to create a unique wedding day!

7 Ways To Create A Unique Wedding Day

  • Organise and Plan

  • Choose Your Wedding Suppliers

  • Wedding Entertainment

  • Wedding Decor

  • Wedding Food

  • Wedding Photography

  • Make Sure The Suppliers Understand Your Vision

How to create a unique wedding day

Organise and Plan

Wedding planning requires a significant time investment. Couples frequently spend hours planning the specifics of their ceremony and reception, from hiring their favourite suppliers to selecting every piece of decor.

Creating a unique wedding day requires you to think about those little things that describe you as a couple. Think about your common interests and how you can bring them into your day. For example, one of my couples are doctors, so for their drinks reception they had syringes of liqueurs to squirt into the champagne!

Plan accordingly and stay as organised as possible to create the unique day you dream of.

A unique wedding day idea

Choose Your Wedding Suppliers

There are so many amazing, creative wedding suppliers and businesses in the wedding market that picking one can be difficult. I advise completing your research to choose the supplier that is the greatest fit for you.

Consider their vibe, how they work and their personality when choosing your wedding suppliers. I advise employing one of the most crucial decision-making tools available which is your gut feeling! The only person who truly understands your ideal day is you!

Unique wedding day suppliers

Wedding Entertainment

Whatever wedding entertainment you choose that reflects your personality, whether it be music, a comedian or garden games, this can really set the mood for your wedding day. Your entertainment is vital to create a unique wedding day that everyone will remember!

The flow of your event and the creation of an outstanding experience for everyone can both be influenced by your wedding entertainment. You want to keep your guests entertained and give them something to talk about, so make sure to choose your entertainment wisely.

Unique wedding day entertainment

Wedding Decor

Wedding decor is essential for that amazing first impression, and can definitely leave a lasting impression too. This is one reason why many couples occasionally give it their undivided attention.

The correct decor can help your wedding appear more cohesive and well-thought-out. This is anything from the choice of lighting, to the wedding stationary used for your menu and name cards.

Wedding decor gives the finishing touch, much like a dress is incomplete without the right accessories to go with it. The quality of the wedding décor can offer your desired atmosphere and the style and theme you are striving for.

Wedding Food

The food you choose to serve will definitely impact the vibe of your wedding day! Some couples choose quirky food vans for their garden weddings, some couples offer a buffet full of picky bits, and others like to serve fancy 3-course meals!

These days, there are some really creative and unique catering options out there, so you can definitely have some fun here and create a gastronomic experience that is unique to you and will certainly get people talking!

For example, you could have an antipasti platter for an Italian-themed wedding, or share tapas for a Spanish-influenced wedding!

The time of day your reception is held is one of the most important considerations when choosing your menu options. You can serve a complete meal or just appetisers depending on the time.

You could want to serve smaller dishes like appetisers to encourage your guests to get up and socialise rather than feel confined to their tables while eating a full meal.

Your wedding food not only projects the theme of your wedding day but everyone expects food to be served! Being hungry is not fun, right?

Wedding Photography

Your wedding photography is the one way you can look back at your whole wedding day story and remember all of the moments you missed. So, choose a wedding photographer who can capture your unique wedding day to its full potential.

As a wedding photographer in the UK, I capture everything from the small details, like your wedding stationery and accessories, to the big moments such as the emotions and funniest dance moves taking place on the dancefloor!

Choose a wedding photographer who you truly gel with, like a friend and who can not only make you feel comfortable but can capture the images in an aesthetic you appreciate.

Make Sure The Suppliers Understand Your Vision

Although you may have your wedding vision clearly set out in your head and on paper, you need to make sure that the wedding suppliers you choose can truly help express and create your vision!

Look at their previous work and reviews from previous couples and have a conversation with them whilst asking lots of important questions. You will know if the wedding supplier is right as you will have a gut feeling!

Wedding suppliers love getting creative and working with you to make your unique wedding a reality. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm ideas with them as they may come up with something that goes perfectly with your theme that you hadn’t considered!

Start Planning Your Unique Wedding Day

Now you know how to create a unique wedding day, it is time to start planning! Set out your vision in your head and then write it all down on paper, or create a Pinterest board!

Have fun with the process and remember, your wedding day is all about you both as a couple so create a day that you will truly appreciate.

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