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How to have an awesome confetti moment!

It's one of those wedding moments that you might love or hate, but if you do decide to have a confetti moment, you might be worried about how it all works. Do not worry, I got you! As a couple, there isn't too much you need to be concerned about when it comes to your confetti moment, and most of it is in the pre-wedding stage. After that, the rest is up to me!

So, here are my top tips for having an awesome confetti moment!

  1. Check your venue's restrictions on confetti - Most venues are happy for you to have a confetti moment, providing it takes place outside and use biodegradable confetti. But it's always good to check this during the wedding planning process before you go ordering or making a load of confetti that won't be allowed.

  2. Make sure to tell me or your photographer that you are planning to have a confetti moment - as you'll read below, we are quite heavily involved in organising the moment as well as taking the pictures, so it's great to have the heads up and we can have that in mind in advance of your big day.

  3. Think about the type of confetti you want to have - A very popular option for confetti at the moment is to use dried flower petals - they are beautiful, natural and biodegradable. But even then, there is choice that needs to be made. Different dried flower petals are different sizes, with some being more suited to confetti throwing than others. Smaller petals will be easier to throw and float in the air than bigger, heavier petals.

  4. Order more than you think you need - Nobody wants a sad confetti moment, and everyone wants to get involved in shower the newlyweds with confetti! Do your research on how much confetti you will need, with your chosen type of confetti and if there is any leftover, it makes a lovely keepsake, you could use it in thank you cards or even ask the venue to use leftover confetti on your wedding reception tables.

  5. Think about how to hand it out - You might decide to go for little bags or make paper cones, or simply to have it loose in baskets and have a couple of members of your wedding party responsible for handing them around. When I got married, we opted for the latter and love how it worked out!

  6. Relax and enjoy it! - Yes, you will get confetti in your hair, on your dress or suit! Don't shelter from the confetti, just enjoy the moment.

So here is how the confetti moment goes from the photographers perspective!

  • We are typically the ones who have to organise all your guests into position. While you take a quiet moment away together as a married couple, myself along with any organisers or co-ordinators will try to usher your guests into two lines - if there are lots of guests they can pack into two rows or my personal favourite, form a little circle at the end of the confetti line.

  • I tell the guests to take the confetti out of any little bags and put them into their hand. If you've ever tried to throw confetti out of a bag or a cone, you will know that half of it never comes out and it's very awkward and annoying! A big handful of confetti on the other hand will always fly better and give you optimum confetti!

  • I advise the guests on how to throw confetti. Well, I try! Throwing the confetti up high over your heads as you walk past them means it'll fall beautifully and naturally. I however, cannot guarantee that someone will not try to chuck it directly in your face. You have been warned!

  • For the moment itself I'll be (as carefully as possible) walking backwards while you walk towards me and get covered in pretty confetti. Don't worry about my camera, look at your guests, at each other, at the confetti just not me. Then if you feel like it, give each other a cheeky kiss at the end! Your guests will love it and you'll likely get another cute confetti moment with any leftover confetti along with a big cheer!

Hope you found this helpful and picked up some top tips about how to have an awesome confetti moment. Just remember to relax and enjoy it! Liked what you read? Check out some of my other blog posts here.

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