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Top tips for documenting your wedding details

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

You spend so much time planning your wedding, down to the very last little detail. Your something borrowed, something blue. What font to use on the wedding stationary, the type of foliage in your bouquet. And trust me, the wedding day itself, while often quite a long day, will go by in a FLASH!

Now I love weddings, I loved planning my own wedding and I love hearing everything about your big day. I get totally swept up in all the romance, the stories, your history! If someone cries, don't look too closely at me because chances are I'll be wiping away a tear myself. So I understand how much all the little details, the personal touches, the decorations you stayed up till 1am hand-painting, mean to you.

So my advice to you is to talk about it! Tell your photographer, whether that's me or someone else, all about your little details. Get them invested and talk to them about what the little touches mean to you. I'm always listening out to anything that might be important, like the pin badges of loved ones no longer with us, or the little bottle of wedding day perfume you chose, but it makes our jobs easier if you share your little details stories with us.

You're allowed to be very specific about what you would like pictures of on your big day. If you've got a special hair pin that your Grandma wore on her wedding day, you're going to want a picture to look back on of it! It's a good job I love capturing all those precious details - it's often a chance for the photographer to get a bit creative with some flat lays and requires very minimal effort on your part.

And don't worry if your photographer runs off with your wedding dress while you're getting glammed up! We love to get inventive and find somewhere to get a gorgeous full length picture of your dress for you to look back on and appreciate.

My top tip? Bring a spare set of your stationary with you on the day, along with any spare bits of ribbon, tulle, lace, foliage or whatever you may have used for your day and let your photographer have them at the start of the day - it'll give them a chance to have a play around and get a beautiful creative picture with them!

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