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Top 9 Ideas For Your Garden Wedding

While outdoor weddings naturally have a more laid-back atmosphere, garden weddings can still be just as beautiful, unique, and stylish as any indoor wedding.

Couples that adore the outdoors are good fits for garden weddings, and there are countless style ideas available to create a fun and unique day, filled with luxury and nature.

Here are my top 9 ideas for your garden wedding!

9 Garden Wedding Ideas

  • Garden Games

  • Outside Champagne Tower Pour

  • Wedding Arch

  • Floral Baskets

  • Food and Drink Stations

  • Sperry Tent

  • Creative Seating

  • Lighting

  • A Projector as Your Backdrop

Garden Games

Look for games that are simple to play; a few examples are Jenga, Connect Four, Limbo, and Cornhole. These are all well-known games that will draw guests of all ages.

Even better, many games are available in gigantic sizes! Games like these are always a big hit at weddings because they are simple to understand, easy to play, and have clear instructions.

Inflatable games for kids (and adults!), such as bouncy castles are among the most often rented activities. For grownups who like to get wild, you can even rent rodeo bulls!

I know that many guests appreciate this kind of entertainment, and they certainly make me excited to take photos to record those priceless moments.

Outside Champagne Tower Pour

An outside champagne tower pour is a glamorous and exciting way to start your party and will definitely impress your guests! It is also a great idea for your garden wedding because it does not matter how messy it gets!

Once you're done pouring, your guests can come to collect their glasses and give you a cheer!

They also look so classy and fun in the wedding photos! So I highly suggest one, even if it is for the photo.

Wedding Arch

A beautiful idea for your garden wedding is to create a wedding arch to serve as the focal point of your vows. This unique backdrop will heighten the magic of the celebration.

Your garden wedding's bucolic and natural setting will pair beautifully with a stunningly rustic wedding arch.

Floral Baskets

By filling your aisle with baskets full of flowers, you can turn your garden-style wedding into a beautiful haven. To create a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere, use a variety of blossoms, such as roses, wildflowers, and greenery.

Food and Drink Stations

A garden wedding is an ideal opportunity to experiment with DIY decor, especially for the food and drink tables.

You can set up various food and drink stations throughout the space, such as themed meal stops that will lead guests on a tour of the venue. This is an idea for your garden wedding that is for everyone because everyone loves having easy access to food and drink!

You could also create tables with vibrant, fun fresh produce in the style of a cocktail hour at a farmer's market. Play around with the tables and come up with creative names!

Food and drinks station at garden wedding

Sperry Tent

Garden weddings provide a lovely romantic ambience, but you don't want mother nature to let you down, so be sure to prepare for any unforeseen weather.

An idea for a garden wedding is a Sperry tent as it is ideal to keep attendees warm and dry. By placing chairs inside you can create an outdoor/indoor ambience even if it doesn't rain.

Creative Seating

Your garden wedding will have more personality with unconventional seating. Consider hay bales, picnic blankets, wooden crates, and a variety of mismatched chairs and tables.


Lighting is used for safety as well as effect and atmosphere, especially if you are in a big area without any nearby building lights.

Use solar lights or LED candles for this, which create a pleasant and romantic atmosphere, to hang festoon lighting on either side of the path to help guests find their way around the area.

A Projector as Your Backdrop

You could rent a projector and utilise this as the backdrop for your nighttime celebrations if you are looking for an idea for your garden wedding that is a bit different.

Play a variety of photos that feature all of your guests. If you can, throw in some cute and hilarious pictures, and baby pictures are a necessity! This will entertain your guests and provide a wonderful focal point for your reception.

Start To Plan Your Garden Wedding

Now you know my top 9 ideas for your garden wedding, you should start to plan out how you envision your day and what elements will create your vision.

I am a wedding photographer who adores garden weddings, so if you would like to enquire about my services, I would love to have a chat with you and capture your magical day.

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