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Wedding Details You Don't Want To Miss When Wedding Planning

No matter how organised you are, there are SO many things to consider while organising a wedding that it is only normal to forget a few things.

It makes sense that some details might be missed when wedding planning because there are so many things to think about.

To prevent any stress, make sure to write down all the important wedding details you don’t want to miss when wedding planning.

10 Wedding Details You Don’t Want To Miss

  • Create a Playlist

  • Card Exchange Between Bride and Groom

  • Drinks Menu At The Bar

  • Pack An Essentials Bag

  • Bring Spare Shoes

  • Wedding Party Transportation

  • Day-Of Point Person

  • Wedding Website and Email For Wedmin

  • Check Guests for Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

  • Order Supplier Meals and Check Their Dietaries

Create a Playlist

This will be a fun wedding detail to work on over time and you can ask your guests to add their favourite tunes too. Add a song to your list every time you hear one you like on the radio! This will create the best party atmosphere for your wedding.

Another idea is to create a getting-ready playlist, for when the wedding party are getting ready!

Card Exchange

Imagine a really sweet photo of you both reading the letters that you wrote to each other the morning of your wedding. Not only that, but this is a wedding detail you don’t want to miss - what a wonderful keepsake you can read for years to come.

Drinks Menu At The Bar

This is such a fantastic way to inform your guests of the specialised drinks that are offered, as well as which drinks are free (if you are offering this) and which they have to buy.

The bartender will also appreciate this wedding detail as they won't have to repeatedly reiterate what is available, which will keep the line going fast. While they wait in line, guests can go over the menu! Signature cocktails are always a fun idea and bring in some of your personality!

Pack An Essentials Bag

I strongly advise bringing some emergency supplies. Here is a list of things you could include:

  • Sanitary Products

  • Makeup

  • Deodorant

  • Perfume

  • Tiny sewing kit

  • Hair pins and hairspray

  • Security pins

  • Mini First Aid Kit

  • Water and Snacks

This is a wedding detail you don’t want to miss, as you just never know when you will need these little essentials.

Bring Spare Shoes

If you intend to wear some absolutely killer heels, I always suggest bringing a spare pair of footwear. Put on your party shoes and get to the dancefloor to dance the night away. This is a wedding detail you won’t want to miss, as you will appreciate this so much!

Wedding Party Transportation

Arrive at the ceremony in style by booking all of your transport. But what about your guests? Whether you decide to hire some lovely wedding cars, a big red bus or plan for a family member to do the honour, be sure to not overlook this wedding detail.

Day-Of Point Person

You do not want to be setting tables, taking calls, and dealing with last-minute questions on the day of your wedding, do you?

You have planned to spend time with your wedding party and close family members, get glammed up, and simply take it all in.

Because of the nature of weddings, there are always some tasks that need to be completed on the day. So, for your own peace of mind, delegate these tasks to someone else.

If you would prefer that your friends and relatives didn't have to work on your wedding, consider hiring a professional who has seen it all before and can handle all the questions and last minute wedding details.

Wedding Website and Email For Wedmin

Take the time to create a wedding webpage for yourselves if you haven't already. There are a tonne of fantastic free options, or you can pay a little more to customise it - it doesn't have to be fancy.

You can easily send your guests to a website for further information, and you can easily and quickly update it with any new information or last-minute changes.

Create a separate email address so all of the relevant wedding emails are in one inbox and not getting lost with your other general or spam emails.

You will truly appreciate this wedding detail, as it will keep the process super organised!

Check Guests for Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

A wedding detail you don’t want to miss when wedding planning is to avoid providing potentially harmful food, your caterers must be aware of who in your party has allergies and the severity of those allergies in advance.

Because everyone is busy and might have missed your earlier requests, ask your guests again soon before your catering numbers are due, on the wedding website, and on the first invitation.

Order Supplier Meals and Check Their Dietaries

On the day of your wedding, some of your suppliers may spend up to 12 hours standing up and moving around - as a wedding photographer, this is what it is like for us!

Be sure to ask them if they have any dietary requirements, and provide a hot, tasty meal and they will love you forever!

Add Them To Your Wedding Checklist

Even as a wedding photographer we think of the small details to capture on your wedding day, as well as the big and obvious moments. From the stationary to the tears running down your loved ones’ faces, to your accessories laid out.

Those small details can truly tell the story of your day and create a smoother process, so do not forget them!

Now you know the wedding details you don’t want to miss when wedding planning, be sure to add them to your wedding checklist and tick them off as you go!

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