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Wedding Entertainment Ideas

If you are organising a wedding, you are probably all too aware of the essentials that you must plan in advance of the big day. It goes without saying that you want your guests to have a great time and minimise the dreaded dry spells between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast even if your wedding day is all about you as a couple.

Of course, you should hire a fantastic caterer and a gorgeous venue, but what about the wedding entertainment that will leave a lasting impression on your guests?

Here are some wedding entertainment ideas that will not disappoint!

11 Wedding Entertainment Ideas

  • Garden Games

  • Magician

  • Photo Booth

  • Live Painter

  • Driving Range

  • Silent Disco

  • Mixologist

  • Circus Performers

  • Live Band

  • Adult Pinata

  • Guest Video Booth

Garden Games

There are a huge amount of options for outdoor activities on your wedding day! Any game that encourages interaction between players, whether it be ping pong, croquet, or Giant Garden Jenga, is fantastic!

There are many possibilities for indoor weddings as well, but these activities work best at huge, garden weddings where there is room to spread out. Have fun if the thought of including a few games on your wedding day appeals to you.


A magician is suitable for all ages and a wedding entertainment idea that will amuse everyone!

With all the applause and cheering, the magician will really liven up the atmosphere in the room. It also serves as a fantastic way to help guests feel relaxed as they enjoy the show!

Photo Booth

A photo booth is perfect for anyone who wants a break from the dancing in addition to providing you with some humorous, amusing, and quirky images of what your guests got up to throughout the day.

Live Painter

Even though the live painter's work is more of a memento for the couple being married, this is a wedding entertainment idea that guests will nonetheless be enthused to watch as they work.

Place the artist so they can see the entire scene, but not so far away that guests can't easily stroll over and have a look.

Mini Golf

If you love a bit of golf, but want to make it fun for everyone (adults and kids!) then mini golf is the perfect entertainment idea.

Silent Disco

This wedding entertainment idea is just too fun to leave out! Keep the music going through headphones if your wedding venue is outside or has an early noise restriction.

Guests who prefer not to dance can choose to stroll about the venue's grounds and still take part in the entire musical experience.


Drinks and food are some of the crucial components of a great wedding, and creating custom drinks is a refreshing way to interact with your guests. Although there is a diverse selection of spirits and mixers, a skilled mixologist can make them come to life and help you create signature cocktails for your big day.

Circus Performers

On your wedding day, wandering circus performers can enhance the mood and create a focal point. These stunning acts, which range from fire breathers to aerial acrobats, jugglers to living statues, are always a fantastic wedding entertainment idea.

Live Band

A wedding entertainment idea to leave an impression on your guests is to make the evening reception rock. What better way to accomplish that than with live music?

The majority of local bands can be scheduled months in advance. In order to ensure that the party never fades, a band and a DJ are a great combo!

Adult Piñata

A piñata can also include, among other things, miniature alcoholic beverages, designer chocolates and funny jokes.

Make sure you have a kid-friendly piñata too if kids will be attending your wedding.

Guest Video Booth

Hiring a video booth will allow you to capture your guests leaving you a personalised message of goodwill on video, replacing both the photo booth and the guest book with something more modern.

Happy Planning!

Having fun is the best wedding entertainment idea! Whatever you have planned for your wedding, I am sure everyone will have a day to remember. The presence of your family and friends may well be enough to keep you amused and joyous throughout the day.

If you would like to enquire about your wedding photography, I would love to have a chat with you and capture your wedding day story.

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