• Tasha Oppermans

How to have the BEST wedding morning!

Whether you're surrounded by family, friends, or it's just you and your partner, here are my top tips for having the best wedding morning!

1. Put on some tunes! Whether you want a party playlist to get you pumped up, or some calming music to ease your nerves, music is always a good idea. Create a playlist or two that you can play through some speakers on your wedding morning (remember to check if the place you're getting ready has speakers, or bring your own). It can be a really nice idea to delegate playlist creation to a member of your bridal party if you have one.

2. Make sure you eat! It doesn't have to be a full English (in fact, that's probably not the best idea...), but whether you want a bacon butty, a grazing platter or Maccy Ds delivered to your door, having a little something to eat will help give you the much needed energy you'll need to get through your busy, exciting day ahead! Staying hydrated is also super important. I recommend a cup of something caffeinated to wake you up, a nice soft drink that you enjoy such as elderflower cordial, then a cheeky tipple to toast with as you're getting ready - make it a bit fancy if you want like pink champagne or a peach Bellini!

3. Give yourself plenty of time. Yes, that might mean getting up a bit early, but it's worth it to not be rushing around on your wedding morning. Talk to your suppliers if you are booking hair and makeup (check out my guide to wedding day timings here), factor in time to get to the venue, talk to the registrars, time to get dressed and get pictures etc... You'll soon see that doesn't leave much time to take it all in, have a moment with your loved ones, take a little time to yourself. I suggest adding in a free half hour here or there on your wedding morning as buffer time, where you can have a breather, or just to make sure if anything over-runs, you're not going to be late!

4. A little gift to your loved one. If you choose to get ready separately and not or talk to each other on the morning of your wedding, how about writing each other a little love letter, maybe with a little gift if you want to, to feel connected to each other and grounded on your wedding morning. Another top tip, give your letter a spritz of your wedding day perfume/aftershave for an extra special sensory connection to the day!

5. Get organised! I've been in so many rooms where a bride or a groom were getting ready where it was chaos. Different people's stuff strewn everywhere, empty coffee cups, random bits of clothing or makeup dotted around. It doesn't help with creating a calming, relaxing environment for you, and gives your photographer a little headache too. So whether you organise your stuff yourself or delegate it to someone else (I find Mums love helping clear up and keep it tidy!), it's worth it!

Lastly, do things YOUR way! There are a lot of cute morning ideas that you often see on Pinterest like matching robes, matching socks for groomsmen, personalised gifts etc. We did all of that and I loved it, but if that's not you, don't feel like you have to do any of that! Surround yourself with the people you want, eat and drink what you want, listen to the kind of music you want, but make it all about YOU!

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